"Stag and Doe" lamp 20x22cm

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Brand: Li-Go
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The ideal location is on the bedside table, where you can use the lamp as a decent source of light that will not dazzle you in the evening. If you need more lighting, just turn on the rear light, it will illuminate the surrounding area decently. You can also simply turn the lamp and use a strong light source for reading, for example.

A lamp can also be a beautiful, practical gift. Thanks to the comprehensive offer, you will definitely choose the right thing that will please the recipient, or we can engrave a wish or any text on the lamp. The lamp can also be made according to your specifications, either from a photo or write us your idea " here "

This product contains a light source with energy efficiency class "G"

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The lamp uses:

  • Different shades of light, usually white light.
  • The surface of the lamp (" decor ") evokes natural structures and has a natural, harmonious effect.
  • 3D effect, the lamp has two cut-out walls, which creates a spatial 3D effect.
  • A graphic motif of your choice completes a space in which you feel comfortable, or becomes an original gift.
  • The lamp is made of wood fiber boards, the thickness of the material is 8 mm.
  • Energy-saving LED backlight that can be replaced. We provide a 5-year warranty on the light source.
  • You can have a wish, a motto or, for example, a logo engraved on the back wall of the lamp.

The image LED lamp has an illuminated front and back wall. The lamp is open from the back, so the light spreads into the room and illuminates the interior discreetly. Ideally if you place the lamp 5-20 cm from the wall. The lamp is fitted with LEDs and powered by an external 12V voltage source into the socket. The fixture includes a rotary dimmer and a power source.

Included in the fixture:

  • Rotary dimmer/switch
  • Plug-in power supply to the 230V network

Other possible accessories: You can order an RGB version of the lamp, i.e. with an optional color backlight. At the same time, you get a remote control and the possibility to control the lamp via a mobile phone. A timer is also included, which will allow you to turn it on/off according to your settings. More info here: SMART RGB


EDITING THE DIMENSION/GRAPHIC MOTIF: The lamp can be made in another dimension, for example 31x31cm or as a picture. Enter the desired modification in the product notes or contact us at info@li-go.eu


  • Birch is velvet matte, has a smooth surface with a very fine grain of wood and almost no knots. Thanks to its very bright design, it creates a strong contrast with the cut black edge
  • Oak A has a surface with a fine wood structure (relief), semi-matte. We classify the shade as lighter. The knots are dark, expressive and stand out from the fine grain of the wood.
  • Oak B has a surface with a fine wood structure (relief), semi-matte. The shade is honey, if it gets direct sunlight it is more yellow. Fine black lines run through the grain of the wood, this is the most popular shade. We recommend it if you are buying the product as a gift (surprise).
  • Walnut has a surface with a fine structure (relief) of wood, semi-matte. Dark shade, the grain of the wood does not stand out much, the shade is brown including the knots. The cut (black) edge does not stand out too much on the nut.
  • Black with patina , the surface is smooth and matte, reminiscent of an annealed metal sheet, the gray surface is also similar to anthracite, it goes well with black shades (e.g. furniture).


Material/Backing plate:

  • Traditional pressed MDF board 8mm. It is produced by the dry method, by chopping the remains of hard and soft wood into wood fibers, which, thanks to the content of lignin *, are suitably combined with wax and a resin binder. They are then formed into plates under high pressure and temperature. The advantage is good strength and excellent machinability. A decor is pressed on the board - a surface that is made of different woods, textures or pure white. The surface is easy to care for, resistant to moisture or direct sunlight (UV radiation).
  • Our MDF boards are manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN622, and are supplied only from European suppliers with FSC certification.
  • MDF - unlike veneered or plywood boards, the material is defect-free, does not warp, crack, fade or darken.


  • Thanks to its long service life (tens of years), it is a very ecological product, moreover, all electrical components can be easily replaced. We believe that our images will still shine on our children.
  • The wood from which the boards are made is the most sustainable building material - a renewable resource that stores a huge amount of carbon. No trees are needlessly cut down, the boards contain up to 65% residues from sawmill production and 87% are materials from renewable sources.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Our lamps are very energy efficient. You can't work or comfortably read a book with them, but you can relax for days with a minimal carbon footprint from the electrical energy consumed. We measured the real consumption on a wattmeter. When the lights are on for 8 hours a day (with maximum light on), the monthly cost of electricity is CZK 1.50 (calculated from the maximum capped price of electricity).

LED lighting: LED strips are equipped with high-quality San'an SQ (super quality) LED chips with a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours at full brightness. If your LED strip does get damaged, for example during handling, we will gladly replace the LED strip for you. We provide a 5-year warranty on lighting!


Additional parameters

Category: Picture lamps in a circle
Weight: 0.6 kg
Decor: according to variant selection
Controller: rotary dimmer
Material: fiberboard
Location: on a horizontal surface
- resource performance: 12W
Protection class (IP): IP20 - not waterproof
Dimensions (HxWxD): 20x22x4.5cm
Electrical protection: class II
Input/voltage/current: 2.4W/12V/0.15A
- input voltage of the source: 100-240V AC
The color of the decorative light: extra warm white and day white
Replaceable light source: Yes
- output voltage/current of the source: 12V DC/1A
Energy class of the LED light source: G