Energy efficiency/energy label/information sheet of the light source

LED mural or table lamp, energy efficiency class and further information
It is a product in which the light source can be replaced with tools and removed for inspection.
All information about the light source can be found here.

Energielabel 01

This results in a very simple formula that says:

Low light output from energy used.

Our lighting is rarely operated at 100%. However, this means that the LED strips provide a low light output. But yes, that's what they should be, it makes all of our homes cozy and comfortable.

From September 1st, 2021 there will be a new division, which we are already using. Previously our lighting was in energy efficiency class “F”, but according to new calculations it is now in “G”. From March 2023 (until then a transition period applies) the new subdivision will be mandatory.

5kWh per 1,000h – multiply by the current electricity price and start smiling.

Energielabel 02
Energielabel 03