About us

We are a small family business that creates all of their products with heart and humility.

We produce light-images that give harmony to the whole room. They are a unique decoration, a product with which you have a close relationship and which can be an unusual gift, that brings delight.

In addition to the energy of light and a pleasant decorative element, we create space for uniqueness and harmony with our light-images. We add different motifs and shapes to each design, which often contain the stories and ideas of our customers.

We evoke happy memories, support family values and bring a little inspirational fantasy to any dark corner. Our light-images caress your soul.

We expand our range of available images with motifs that support spiritual growth and relationship with nature. Together we want to be part of many people's lives and change the world for the better through our own activities.

We manufacture our lights from wooden semi-finished products. Wooden decorations create a pleasant atmosphere and can relieve stress. Working with this material is a clear choice for us.

A significant part of the production of our lamps is handmade. Each piece becomes an original. The luminaire passes through our hands when the cut parts are extruded, the electrical components themself are assembled or put together. We pay very close attention to each luminaire.


Light is essential part of any interior, as it is a means of seeing our surroundings. The feeling of space can be completely changed by changing the intensity and color of the light or by installing the light itself, making it a very powerful tool.

How did it start...

In the beginning, there was a desire to create.

Create and share the work with others. For almost 20 years we have been learning and creating various light decorations, originally made from scraps such as scrap metal.


After this experience we came to the conclusion that light and form belong together. The combination of colors, shapes, shadows and shades stimulates our imagination and has a positive effect on our mood. That feeling is what we want to share with others. With you.

One cultivates the environment that surrounds them. Architecture, art, light and form are very close to us, which is why we started making our lights.