Remote control for Table Lamps

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Detailed information

Product detailed description

Mini radio frequency LED controller intended for connection to portable lights:

Light Effects: 1. Burst Effect, 2. Breathing Effect, 3. Fade Bright and Fade End, 4. Fade Bright and Fade Dark, 5. Strobe, 6. Double Strobe, 7. Triple Strobe, 8. Flashing

Additional parameters

Category: Accessories
Range: <20m
Controller: 85x40x6mm
Receiver: 35x15x4.5mm
DC connector: 2.1/5.5mm
Operating temperature: 20 to 60˚C
Current load: 6A, total 72W at 12V
Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz
Last setting memory: Yes
Input Voltage/Output Voltage: 5V-24V DC
Input/output connection - DC connectors: 2.1/5.5