Dimmer dimLED OV TRIAK KNT240W

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Brand: TLED
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Wall-mounted triac LED dimmer KNT240W at 230V for LEDs

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The wall-mounted triac LED dimmer dimLED KNT240W combines the features of a receiver and a controller. With one KNT240W controller, 1 circuit can be controlled, which can also consist of several receivers in several locations. At the same time, LED lighting can be connected directly to the output of the KNT240W dimmer and the KNT240W controller can also be used as a receiver. The KNT240W controller can therefore also control other series of dimLED receivers and at the same time other models of dimLED controllers can be paired with it.

Features and benefits of the dimLED system:
Dimming is stable and reliable, controller range ≤ 30M.
Dimming in the range of 0-100%, soft dimming, without flickering. When switched on, it gradually lights up, when switched off, it gradually darkens.

Control takes place on the controller wheel. Turning the wheel adjusts the light intensity. Pressing the wheel turns the lighting on/off. By holding down the wheel, you can also smoothly regulate the intensity.

The dimmer is electronic 0-100%, connected dimmable light sources are usually not designed 0-100%, so when the dimmer is set to 0% or very little, it may happen that after turning off the dimmer at this value and turning it on again, the source will not be excited and it is necessary to add a brightness value on the dimmer to turn on. The solution is to find a position in the light where you can dim it to a minimum before turning it off.

Attention! DIM20 and DIM67 series dimmable sources cannot be connected to this dimmer

Driver Specifications:
Transmission frequency 2.4GHz
Operating frequency 2 kHz
Input voltage 100-240VAC
Current load

Led power source - 200W

Filament bulb - 400W

Range 30 m
Number of zones 1 separate
Number of receivers An unlimited number of receivers can be paired
Number of controllers Up to 10 external controllers
Dimming mode Half-wave clipping to ascending
or falling edges according to settings
Dimensions 86 x 86 x 48.5 mm (can be mounted in a standard EU box)
Last setting memory after power off: YES
Degree of coverage: IP20

Additional parameters

Category: Accessories
Level_Coverage: IP20
warranty_b2b: 24
warranty_b2c: 24
power_type: To the network
Compatibility: None
control_color: White
Input_Voltage: 230 V
Exit_Voltage: 230 V
Transmission_signal: RF
Number_of_controlled_zones: 1
Control_method_control: Mechanic
Color_of_controlled_light: Monochromatic
Electrical connection type: Screw terminal block