WIFI dimLED driver

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WiFi converter for control using devices with the operating system IOS and Android. Option to set time and brightness. The possibility of connecting all receivers of the dimLED series with which our light paintings are fitted.

Not suitable for images with batteries.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

WiFi converter for controlling all RF receivers of the dimLED series using devices with the IOS and Android operating systems. After installing the app (iOS, Android), you can control the light directly from your phone.
This is a converter - input gate for connected controllers, no lighting can be connected to the controller
Unlimited dimLED receivers can be controlled with one WIFI controller. The WIFI controller acts as a "controller" here, however, you can combine the WIFI controller with other dimLED controllers. So you can control your zones at home simultaneously via phone using this WIFI controller and at the same time have classic controllers. The WIFI controller can be paired with all dimLED receivers (monochrome, CCT, RGB, RGBW, 230V)

Example usage:   3 circuits at home with 3 dimLED receivers can be controlled by this WIFI controller and selected multi-channel (or multiple single-channel) dimLED controllers.

Features of WIFI LED Controller:

  • off/on time setting
  • up to 16 independent zones can be created
  • 8 presets for saving set scenes
  • setting your own color combinations
  • group control - a group can be created from individual controllers, which can then be controlled together at the same time ,   however, the individual controllers in the group can also be controlled independently
  • music mode - light effects according to the music playing on the phone or tablet with which you control the WIFI converter
Transmission frequency 2.4GHz
Input voltage 5-24 VDC (can be powered via USB cable)
Range Up to 30m
Use Control of receivers from the dimLED series (monochrome, RGB, RGBW, CCT, 230V and others)
Platform iOS and Android
Dimensions 72x25mm (diameter x height)
Package contents WIFI dimled driver, USB cable

ATTENTION: The power supply is not included, a regular micro USB charger can be used.

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