SMART WiFi Tuya switch WT2

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Tuya smart switch, 16A, 100-240VAC, can be controlled by physical switch and Tuya app

Detailed information

Product detailed description

A smart switch for turning on and off electrical appliances with the support of the Tuya application. The switch is compatible with Tuya and Smart life applications (or applications based on Tuya), Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant , at the same time, the switch has the option to connect a physical switch , which can be used to control the switch manually. The switch can be connected both to a single switch and also enables stair connection (2 cross switches). The smart switch can be inserted and hidden in an electrician's box and hidden behind switches .

You can therefore control the lighting with this receiver at the same time :

  • By phone or tablet via the Tuya app or Amazon's ECHO device
  • Switches

To control multiple circuits, it is necessary to use one switch for each circuit and, for example, set a separate control in the mobile application.

The most common use of the SMART switch:

  • Remote control - Remotely switch on the appliances connected to the smart switch. You can, for example, switch lights, heating, direct heaters, etc. This way, for example, you can heat your cottage or cottage before your arrival.
  • Switching according to time - You can turn selected appliances on and off at the time of your choice. You will most often use it, for example, when switching on lights, heating, filtration, etc. In practice, for example, you can leave the appliance on in the evening and turn it off in the morning. It is also possible, for example, to use information about sunset and sunrise and connect the switching to this information, which changes every day.
  • Further automation - You can further create automations according to your ideas. Switching can also be matched to different temperature changes, for example, and sockets can be connected to smart sensors (the sensor detects movement and switches on the selected socket). With all these automations, you can also create groups of switches and switch them at once.

Switch specifications
Input voltage 100-240VAC
Current load Max 16A
Transmission frequency WIFI 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Compatible with applications Tuya, SMART LIFE, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Range Up to 30m
Dimensions 41 x 41 x 20mm
Last setting memory after power off: YES
Degree of coverage: IP20