Remote control for light paintings

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Remote control for light pictures, 1-20 pictures can be controlled at once.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The remote control dimLED OVS 1KR is a wireless radio frequency control system, one controller and several receivers. With one controller, 1 zone can be controlled, which can consist of several receivers. These receivers are controlled as one section after pairing with the controller.
The receiver can be hidden (behind a wall, plasterboard or in a cabinet), direct visibility of the receiver for the controller is not necessary.

Features and benefits of the dimLED system:
Dimming is stable and reliable, controller range ≤ 30M.
Dimming in the range of 0-100%, 256 levels of dimming, soft dimming, no flicker. When switched on, it gradually lights up, when switched off, it gradually darkens.

Driver Specifications:
Controller power supply Battery   2032 3V
Transmission frequency 2.4GHz
Range 30 m
Number of zones 1 separate
Number of receivers unlimited receivers can be paired
Dimensions 107 x 58.5 x 9mm
Package contents controller, battery, wall mount
Last setting memory after power off: YES
Degree of coverage: IP20

Additional parameters

Category: Accessories
Range: up to 30m
Number of zones: 1
Number of receivers: unlimited receivers can be paired
Dimensions (w x h x d): 107x58.5x9mm
Transmission frequency: 2.4GHz
Last setting memory: Yes
Synchronous control of selected zones: Yes