Receiver dimLED PR 230HV

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Brand: TLED
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Receiver dimLED PR 230HV for 230V monochrome and RGB LED strips and LED NEON

Detailed information

Product detailed description

This model is replaced by the new Tuya PR 230TU dimLED model, which can also be controlled by Tuya.

Radio frequency receiver dimmer for 230V LED strips. The receiver is intended for both single-color and RGB 230V LED strips, or LED NEON . According to the paired controller, the receiver recognizes whether it is single-color or RBG 230V LED strips. With a single-color connection, the controller controls all 3 channels at once, with RGB, each channel controls the color separately.

The receiver can be hidden (behind a wall, plasterboard or in a cabinet), direct visibility of the receiver for the controller is not necessary.

The receiver is compatible with dimLED series controllers !!!

To control multiple circuits, it is necessary to use one receiver for each circuit. Up to 10 different controllers of the dimLED series can be paired to each receiver and thus controlled from several locations.

Receiver Specifications:
Input voltage 100-240VAC
Current load 3x1A (3x240W, total 720W)
Transmission frequency 2.4GHz
Range up to 30m
Number of controllers Max. 10 pcs can be paired to 1 receiver
Dimensions 175 x 45 x 27mm
Last setting memory after power off: YES
Degree of coverage: IP20

Additional parameters

Category: Accessories
Level_Coverage: IP20
warranty_b2b: 24
warranty_b2c: 24
power_type: To the network
Compatibility: None
control_color: White
Input_Voltage: 230 V
Output_Current: 3 A
Exit_Voltage: 230 V
Transmission_signal: RF
Number_of_controlled_zones: 3
Color_of_controlled_light: Monochromatic
Electrical connection type: Screw terminal block