Modification of a battery-powered lamp including a 30Ah battery

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If you don't have a 230V outlet near the location of the light, a wall outlet, or you don't like the visible power cable to the outlet, a light with its own battery (power bank) is the ideal solution. The 30Ah battery with a larger capacity is suitable for paintings 50x50 cm and larger up to a maximum size of 120x60 cm.

Alternatively, the lamp can be powered from the mains (more information about this option can be found further on in the description).

Attention: can only be ordered with the image, cannot be ordered separately.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The battery can power the light for several days. It is expected to be illuminated for several hours in the evening. All depending on the set brightness intensity and the size of the light fixture. When measuring the battery life, we used an image with a size of 110x50 cm and a light intensity of 50%, the battery lasted about 72 hours. It is important whether you use the mode with the remote control, it drains the battery faster.

We offer the lamp in two variants:

  • variant A: The lamp can be switched off/dimmed on the side of the lamp, the lamp is supplied without a remote control. We recommend this option if battery life is a priority.
  • option B: the lamp can be controlled both on the screen and with the remote control . This option is more convenient, but has the disadvantage of standby mode, i.e. self-discharge of the battery. The lamp is equipped with a remote control receiver that waits for the "switch on" command, therefore the battery discharges even if the lamp is not lit. If you later decide that you do not need to control the light with the remote control, you can turn off the light with the battery switch in this mode, the battery will not be discharged. An alternative is to buy a second battery, then you don't have to wait for charging (24 hours), so you can light and control without restrictions. If the battery is charged and you do not turn on the light, the remote control receiver will drain the battery in about two weeks.

Charging: You can also charge the battery in the light, even when the light is on. A common USB (phone) charger with a minimum charging current of 2A can be used to charge the battery. The battery is inserted from the side of the lamp. The battery can be easily removed without removing the lamp from the wall, see picture.

OPTIONS FOR CONNECTING THE LIGHT IMAGE TO THE NETWORK: The light image can also be powered using an external source, for which you do not need a battery. The connector is built into the lamp, so you can choose this option at any time in the future. The ideal solution is to hide the supply cable under the plaster. The power source and extension cable are not included and can be purchased in " Accessories ". The connection connector is located above the battery slot.

Connection to a 12V/2A source.


If you use the lamp more often, it is possible to buy a second battery, which can always be ready and charged. Then you just replace the batteries and the light can shine without interruption. The battery is a universal power bank and you can use it at home or when traveling. The battery charges up to 24 hours. A spare (second) battery can be ordered " Accessories "

ADDITIONAL LIGHT : It is not possible to order an additional light for the lamp. The reason is the high consumption of the light source.