LED controller 1x8A for Philips HUE, APPLE HOMEKIT, IKEA TRADFRI

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It is used to control light images using the PUSH-DIM bus or the smart home system Philips HUE, APPLE HOMEKIT, IKEA TRADFRI or Echo Plus from Amazon. Control via the PUSH DIM bus or the smart home app can also be combined. The SR-ZG9101CS can be easily paired to smart home systems.

When ordering for a light picture, assembly is included in the price.

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Using this unit, it is possible to replace the original LED strips - Philips HUE LED strip or Philips HUE lightstrip with regular LED strips. Alternatively, if you produce LED lighting from aluminum LED profiles and LED strips, it is possible to integrate it into a smart home system using the SR-ZG9101CS and control it using the mobile application Philips HUE, APPLE HOMEKIT or IKEA TRADFRI. Using the LED receiver, it is possible to turn off, turn on, dim the LED strips and other functions offered by the smart home application. The maximum load of the LED receiver is 8A at 12V - 96W, at 24V - 192W. If the lighting output exceeds these values, we recommend using it   LED signal amplifier . The receiver is fully compatible with SUNRICHER controllers, which can be found in related goods. SUNRICHER LED strips with remote control have a gradual rise when switched on and a gradual dimming when switched off. The dimming of the LED strip is naturally smooth and flicker-free, from 0 to 100% with 256 dimming levels. Thanks to ZIGBEE signal transmission, the range of the controllers is up to 50m, without the need for direct line of sight to the receiver. Therefore, the receiver can be hidden, for example, in a plasterboard ceiling, or a wall, in a closet, etc.

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