About us

Li-Go is:

• an authentic Czech product
• an unlimited number of designs
• suitable for all types of interior 
• an experienced and enthusiastic team of people

We make etched lights, which are a unique decoration, a bright accessory for each interior, an original gift and product, which you will establish a close relationship with.

Our products are not just a design accessory. As well as providing light and being a pleasant decorative element in any room, we also create opportunity for uniqueness and harmony. We place images and shapes that often contain our customers’ stories and visions into each design. We evoke pleasant memories, promote family values and bring a little inspirational imagination into every dark corner. Our lights will nurture your soul.

Our team is based on friendship and the desire to create values together, which are
indelibly recorded in one’s mind. We want to be part of the lives of many people and use our own activities to change the world for the better.

We are ecological. Our products and their packaging are fully recyclable. We only use high-quality, certified and ecological stains and oils meeting EN 71 standards to colour our products. Our lights are made from wood and semi-finished wooden products from permanently renewable forests. Wood has many important psychological effects, which includes the ability to reduce stress. Work with this material was a clear choice for us.

Light is essential for any interior space, because it allows us to see our environment. The feeling we gain from a space can be completely transformed by changing the intensity, colour or location of the light, which makes it a very powerful tool.


How it all began...

It all began with the desire to create. Create and share our work with others. We spent nearly 20 years learning and creating various light decorations, which we initially made from waste, from scrap metal for example.