"Tree of life" lamp 31x31


 Material: 8 mm composite board, decor burundi.

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Kategorie: Table lamps
Hmotnost: 2.1 kg
Decor: burundi
Inner board color: burundi
Decorative light color: extra warm white
Direct light color: warm white
Power input / Voltage / Current: 6W/12V/0,5A
Placed: on horizontal surface
Dimensions (w x h x d): 31x31x5,5cm
Material: composite board 8mm
Dimmer: manual with last setting memory
Stand (?): composite board 8mm
12V external adapter plugged into the socket: (?):
- input voltage source: 100-240V AC
- output voltage / current source: 12V DC/1,5A
- power output: 18W
LED diod lifespan: until 50 000 hours

Table LED lamp 31x31cm - with backlit motif in front and direct white light at the back. The light is suitable for use as a classic table lamp or as a decorative interior light. The lamp is equipped with LEDs and is powered by a 12V external adapter plugged into the socket.

There is a switch that has three positions:
1. decorative light only (backlight on)
2. switched off
3. decorative and direct light on the back side is switched on


The luminaire can also be connected to an powerbank or a computer using a USB cable, which can be purchased in the “Accessories” category.

Tip:   It is recommended to purchase a manual dimmer for the lamp. It is suitable for the children's room, where we let the lamp shine all night - you can find in the category "Accessories".

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