Lamp 17x17 "Pimpinella"


Material: composite board 8mm.

Decor: wood yellow.

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Kategorie Table lamps 17 x 17 cm, LED lights with a backlit motive and direct light

Table lamp 17x17 cm – LED designer lights with a backlit motive on the front and direct white light to the rear. The lamp is fitted LED diodes and supplied by a 12V external adapter plugged into a socket.

Unique present. Everybody can choose from hundreds of designs on offer. Order is possible also with own graphics, you can find more information in the "Custom production" section.

Place on the bedside table, also suitable for reading or use as a decoration that will make every corner cosy.

Lights can be connected to a power bank or to the computer over the USB cable, which you can buy in the section "Accessories".

Power Source is included. The lamp is fitted with an on-off switch.

Tip:  We recommend to purchase a manual dimmer for your lamp. The dimmer is suitable for a child’s room where the lamp may be left on all night. Another variation is a remote controlled dimmer – more information can be found in the section "Accessories".

NoticeSome color shades shown on illustration photographs may vary.

Hmotnost 0.7 kg
Decorative board color wood yellow
Decorative light color extra warm white
Direct light color warm white
Power input / Voltage / Current 4W/12V/0,33A
Placed on horizontal surface
Dimensions (h x w x d) 17x17x4,5cm
Material Composite board 8mm
Remote control Manual control
Stand (?) Composite board 8mm
12V external adapter plugged into the socket (?)
- input voltage source 100-240V AC
- output voltage / current source 12V DC/1,5A
- source power 18W