"Linden" picture light 62x62cm


Material: 8 mm composite board, decor burundi

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Category: Plants, Trees
Decor: burundi
Decorative light color: extra warm white + cold white
Power input / current for decorative light: 1m LED tape 4,8W/0,4A
Placed: on the wall
Dimensions (w x h x d): 62x62x4cm
Material: composite board 8mm
Dimmer (?): push-button (with last setting memory)
The ability to connect a remote control (?): any number can be paired
Input voltage source: 100-240V AC
Output voltage/source stream: 12V DC/1,5A-2A
Source power: 15W - 24W
LED diod lifespan: 50 000 hours at full intensity
Weight: 3,2 kg
Carved image LED luminaire.

The product uses:
  • Reflected light that does not glare. The luminaire is open to the back and the reflected light gently illuminates the wall of the room.
  • Wooden decor that evokes natural materials (the surface may have a different color).
  • Warm light - the shade of white light resembles the color of the candle light or the setting sun.
  • Graphic motif that completes the space in which you feel comfortable.
  • Material - the luminaires are made of wood and wooden semi-finished products from permanently renewable sources.
  • LED - the luminaire is equipped with energy-saving LEDs that have a lifetime of 50,000 hours and can be replaced in the luminaire.
The luminaire can be connected:
  • Right into the 230V drawer.
  • Connection to ready cable from wall 230V (the feed cable to the luminaire can be dismantled and the luminaire connected to the cable from the 230V wall).   


Luminaire components:

1. Inlet cable white 3m (cable can be glued to the wall with translucent double-sided tape).
There is a button on the underside of the luminaire through which the luminaire can be dimmed and switched off.
Remote control receiver.
Two plastic anchores and two hook screws.

Other possible adjustments:

Additional light: You can buy some more powerful light with direct illumination. Under this light you can for example read. The touch control is part of the additional light. With this touch control, you can only change the light intensity of the additional light (price €40).


Dimension of picture light:   Can be ordered in a different dimension.    

Remote control: A remote control can be purchased to the luminaire, which we offer in several designs. The remote control can be found in the accessories category.


Material / surface treatment:

1. Composite board 8mm. The board is made of recycled wood pulp. The surface is provide with several melamine layers. This top layer enable surface cleaning, impact and scratch resistance. We currently offer these decors (see photo below).

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Note:   Some shades of color in illustrative photos may not reflect reality.