"Tree of life" picture light 42x42cm

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The light image will become an important accessory to your home. The motif of your choice completes the space which you feel comfortable in. The light unit is open at the back and thus it subtly illuminates the wall of the room. The light image is powered from the mains or there is a battery-powered option. You can order a direct light source for practical purposes, such as reading, it will be attached at the bottom of the light image. We will adjust the size of the light unit according to your needs.


The light unit can be connected directly to a 230V socket or to a prepared 230V wall outlet (in that case the supply cable can be removed). We also offer the image light unit in a battery-powered version (Picture lights with power bank).ppp


1. Inlet cable white 3m (cable can be glued to the wall with translucent double-sided tape).
There is a button on the underside of the picture light unit through which the unit can be dimmed and switched off.
Remote control receiver.
Two plastic anchores and two hook screws.


It is possible to add a practical additional LED light source to the picture light unit, which perfectly illuminates the space under the image. The extra light source can be ordered for all wall image light units and we will adjust its length. The light source is controlled by a touch dimmer, which adjusts the light intensity independently of the decorative light of the picture light unit (price €40).

 Attention:    It is not possible to add an additional light afterwards. The construction is non-detachable. 





Can be ordered in a different dimension.


The light unit is normally equipped with a push-button control/dimmer with a memory of the last setting, which is located at the bottom of the unit. At the same time, the light unit is equipped with a remote control receiver. If it is connected to a traditional light circuit, it can be switched off with a standard switch. It is possible to purchase a remote control, which we offer in several designs. Another option is to install a module for SMART applications or a unit for connection to a smart home system. ovladače

Material / surface treatment:

Composite board 8mm. The board is made of recycled wood pulp. The surface is provide with several melamine layers. This top layer enable surface cleaning, impact and scratch resistance. We currently offer these decors (see photo below).

vzorník an

 Note:   Some shades of color in illustrative photos may not reflect reality.

Zusätzliche Parameter

Kategorie: Picture lights
Decor: according to the choice of variant
Decorative light color: extra warm white + cold white
Power input / current for decorative light: 1m LED tape 4,8W/0,4A
Placed: on the wall
Dimensions (w x h x d): 42x42x4cm
Material: composite board 8mm
Dimmer: push-button (with last setting memory)
The ability to connect a remote control: any number can be paired
Input voltage source: 100-240V AC
Output voltage/source stream: 12V DC/1,5A-2A
Source power: 15W - 24W
LED diod lifespan: 50 000 hours at full intensity
Weight: 2,8 kg