"Three olive trees" picture light with power bank 110x50cm

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The light image will become an important accessory to your home. The motif of your choice completes the space which you feel comfortable in. The light unit is open at the back and thus it subtly illuminates the wall of the room. The light image is powered from the mains or there is a battery-powered option. You can order a direct light source for practical purposes, such as reading, it will be attached at the bottom of the light image. We will adjust the size of the light unit according to your needs.


The battery powered light unit is the ideal solution if you do not have a 230V cable brought out of the wall or if you are bothered by the visible supply cable to the socket. The light unit is powered by a powerful 30,000 mAh power bank, which can last for several days depending on brightness intensity setting. The brightness is controlled by a manual dimmer on the light unit. Two power banks are always supplied with the light unit. One is inserted in the side of the light unit and the other one is ready in the charger. If the battery runs out, just replace the power bank with a charged one.



1. 2x power bank
2. 1x cable to recharge power bank
3. Two plastic anchores and two hook screws.


It is not possible to purchase a remote control to the light unit. The light unit is fitted with a manual dimmer only.


Composite board 8mm. The board is made of recycled wood pulp. The surface is provide with several melamine layers. This top layer enable surface cleaning, impact and scratch resistance. We currently offer these decors (see photo below).

 vzorník an

  Note:   Some shades of color in illustrative photos may not reflect reality.

Zusätzliche Parameter

Kategorie: Picture light with power bank
Decor: according to the choice of variant
Decorative light color: extra warm white + red
Power input / current for decorative light: 1m LED tape 4,8W/0,4A
Placed: on the wall
Dimensions (w x h x d): 110x50x4cm
Material: composite board 8mm
Dimmer: push-button (with last setting memory)
The ability to connect a remote control: is not
Input voltage source: 5V - 9V DC
Output voltage/source stream: 5V DC/2A
Source power: 10W
LED diod lifespan: 100 000 hours at full intensity
Weight (kg): 5,3