"Deer" light painting with battery 90x42cm

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Brand: Li-Go
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The light image is a source of pleasant warm light, ideal for calming down. If you like an ambient atmosphere, this is ideal lighting. The painting is slightly offset from the wall, which gives it depth. The front plate is 8 mm thick and the matte black edge of the cut forms a contour that gives the image plasticity.
The light image uses:
  • Reflected light that does not dazzle. The lamp is open at the back and the reflected light subtly illuminates the wall of the room.
  • The surface of the lamp (" decor ") evokes natural structures and has a natural, harmonious effect.
  • Warm light resembles the color of candlelight or the setting sun.
  • The graphic theme of your choice completes the space in which you feel comfortable.
  • The lamp is made of fiberboard, 87% of the material is from renewable sources.
  • Energy-saving LED backlight that can be replaced.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

If you don't have a 230V outlet near the location of the light, a wall outlet or you don't mind the visible power cable to the outlet, a light with its own battery (power bank) with a capacity of 30,000 mAh is the ideal solution. Alternatively, the lamp can be powered from the mains (more information about this option can be found further on in the description).

The battery can power the light for several days. It is expected to be illuminated for several hours in the evening. All depending on the set brightness intensity and the size of the light fixture. When measuring the battery life, we used an image with a size of 110x50 cm and a light intensity of 50%, the battery lasted about 72 hours. It is important whether you use the mode with the remote control, it drains the battery faster.

We offer the lamp in two variants:

  • first option: The lamp can be switched off/dimmed on the side of the lamp, the lamp is supplied without a remote control. We recommend this option if battery life is a priority.
  • the second option: the lamp can be controlled both on the screen and with the remote control . This option is more convenient, but has the disadvantage of standby mode, i.e. self-discharge of the battery. The lamp is equipped with a remote control receiver that waits for the "switch on" command, therefore the battery is discharged even if the lamp is not lit. If you later decide that you do not need to control the light with the remote control, you can turn off the light with the switch on the battery, in this mode the battery will not be discharged. An alternative is to buy a second battery, then you don't have to wait for charging (24 hours), so you can light and control without restrictions.

Charging: You can also charge the battery in the light, even when the light is on. A common USB (phone) charger with a minimum charging current of 2A can be used to charge the battery. The battery is inserted from the side of the lamp. The battery can be easily removed without removing the lamp from the wall, see picture.

OPTIONS FOR CONNECTING THE LIGHT IMAGE TO THE NETWORK: The light image can also be powered using an external source, for which you do not need a battery. The connector is built into the lamp, so you can choose this option at any time in the future. The ideal solution is to hide the supply cable under the plaster. The power source and extension cable are not included and can be purchased in " Accessories ". The connection connector is located above the battery slot.

2. Connection to a 12V/3A source.

If you use the lamp more often, it is possible to buy a second battery, which can always be ready and charged. Then you just replace the batteries and the light can shine without interruption. The battery is a universal power bank and you can use it at home or when traveling. The battery charges up to 24 hours. A spare (second) battery can be ordered "Accessories "

NOTE: The lamp is open at the back (it does not have a back plate), thanks to which the light also radiates to the sides. It should be borne in mind that some imperfections on the wall may be visible through the cut sections. The wall does not have to be white, and there is no problem if it is uniformly porous (e.g. some rough stucco).
ADDITIONAL LIGHT : It is not possible to order an additional light for the lamp with a battery. The reason is the high consumption of the light source.


1. Battery
2. Luminaire backlight
3. Manual switch and dimmer with memory of last setting.
3. Two staples with 5mm dowels are included for wall mounting.

EDITING THE DIMENSION/GRAPHIC MOTIF: The lamp can be made in a different size, or minor adjustments are possible, such as deleting or adding a smaller object. Enter the desired modification in the product notes or contact us at info@li-go.cz . You can find the price list of dimensions here .

ENGRAVING: You can have a text (e.g. wish or motto) engraved on the lamp. When ordering, just write the desired text in the order notes and we will engrave it for you. The item " Engraving " must be added to the cart.

engraving 2


  • Birch is velvet matte, has a smooth surface with a very fine grain of wood and almost no knots. Thanks to its very bright design, it creates a strong contrast with the cut black edge
  • Oak A has a surface with a fine wood structure (relief), semi-matte. We classify the shade as lighter. The knots are dark, expressive and stand out from the fine grain of the wood.
  • Oak B has a surface with a fine wood structure (relief), semi-matte. The shade is honey, if it gets direct sunlight it is more yellow. Fine black lines run through the grain of the wood, this is the most popular shade. We recommend it if you are buying the product as a gift (surprise).
  • Olive is velvety matte, has a smooth surface, light to medium dark shade. It has a distinctive wood grain and is completely knot-free. The shades are very warm, ocher to orange .
  • Fir has a surface with a fine structure (relief) of wood, semi-matte. It is a medium dark shade, it has a distinct wood pattern, as well as knots. It has a rustic feel.
  • Walnut has a surface with a fine structure (relief) of wood, semi-matte. Dark shade, the grain of the wood does not stand out much, the shade is brown including the knots. The cut (black) edge does not stand out too much on the nut.
  • Black with patina , the surface is smooth and matte, reminiscent of annealed metal sheet, the gray surface is also similar to anthracite, it goes well with black shades (for example, furniture).
  • The white is in a matte finish .

Individual decors are photographed in neutral light and together, so you can objectively assess their shade. More info " here ".


  • Traditional pressed fiberboard 8mm. It is produced by the dry method, by chopping the remains of hard and soft wood into wood fibers, which, thanks to the lignin content *, are suitably combined with wax and a resin binder. They are then formed into plates under high pressure and temperature. The advantage is good strength and excellent machinability. A decor is pressed onto the board - a surface that is made of different woods, textures or in pure white. The surface is easy to care for, resistant to moisture or direct sunlight (UV radiation).
  • Our fiberboards are manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN622, and are supplied only from European suppliers with FSC certification.
  • MDF (unlike veneered or plywood boards, the material is defect-free, does not warp, crack, fade or darken in color.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Our lamps are very energy efficient. You can't work or comfortably read a book with them, but you can relax for days with a minimal carbon footprint from the electrical energy consumed. We measured the real consumption on a wattmeter. When the lights are on for 8 hours a day (with max. lighting and battery power), the monthly cost of electricity is CZK 1.00 (calculated from the max. ceiling price of electricity).


 The warranty for the LED backlight is 5 years. The LED strips are equipped with high-quality San'an SQ (Super Quality) LED chips with a lifespan of 50,000 hours at full brightness. At the same time, light images are ideally backlit at 80% brightness, which significantly extends the life of the light source (LED strip). You can find detailed information about the light source in the ENERGY LABEL/PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET tab. If your LED strip does get damaged, for example during handling or when you decide on a different shade of light, we will gladly replace the LED strip for you or you can replace it yourself.

Note : Some shades of color in the illustration photos may not correspond to the reality, it is also possible to mirror the photos.

Additional parameters

Category: Maps, Esoteric, Animals and more
Decor: according to variant selection
Weight (kg): 4
Material: fiberboard
Location: on the wall
Resource performance: 10W
Protection class (IP): IP20 - not waterproof
Dimmer controller: push button controller with memory of the last setting
Dimensions (w x h x d): 90x42x4cm
Electrical protection: class III
The color of the decorative light: extra warm white
Replaceable light source: Yes
Output voltage/current of the source: 5V DC/2A
Input voltage of the lamp/source: 5V - 9V DC
Lifetime of the LED light source: 100,000 hours at full intensity
Possibility to connect a remote control: Yes
Input/current for decorative light: 1m LED strip 4.8W/0.4A
Energy class of the LED light source: F