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Custom orders

A light image according to your own ideas and wishes:

Together with you, we will create a luminaire according to your own ideas!
This will make your illuminated picture particularly original and you will be all the more happy in its presence.

Thanks to your own choice of the motif, the room gains an individual look and creates a pleasant atmosphere.
Simply tell us your ideas or give us a theme according to which the picture should be made.
You can also send a photo or a picture,  which you want to be remade into the light-image, directly to us.
Our graphic designer will then further work with the template, so that you can receive a perfect result in the end.

We will discuss the dimensions and type of luminaire together, so that your light-image will give you the greatest possible delight. We also offer additional options and accessories (e.g. a battery powered version) from which you can choose.

How to begin with your custom order:

Send us your template, which can consist of a photo, a picture or your own sketch.

If you do not have a concrete idea, you can also express a wish and share a theme or idea with us, which we will prepare a graphic design for you from. You will receive the first design draft in the range of 7-14 days.
After a joint consultation, you can then decide on a type of light and its implementation.
Basic information can be found under "Types and prices of illuminated pictures".

We will then advise you on the size of the illuminated picture,
depending on the detail and difficulty of the motif and make you a price proposal.

We will work on the graphic proposal until it is to your satisfaction!

Only after you completely agree with the final version we move on to our own production of the luminaire,
which generally takes one week.

You can contact us either by e-mail ( info@li-go.eu ) or by telephone.

+420 604 602 244 for german speakers / +420 773 228 558 for english speakers!


All of the information regarding custom orders with samples of our previous work can be found under these links: