Remote control to luminaire with external source

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Mini radio frequency LED switch, designed to connect portable luminaires:

1. Table lamp (dimensions 19x19x5,5cm and 31x31x5,5cm) with decorative light and direct illumination.

2. On the table and on the wall (19x19x4cm) with decorative light and no direct lighting.

3. On the table and on the wall (31x31x4cm size) with decorative light without direct lighting (modular).

Light effects:

1. jerky effect, 2. respiratory effect, 3. fading brightness and fading end, 4. fading brightness and fading darkness, 5. strobe, 6. double strobe, 7. triple strobe, 8. flickering.


Hmotnost 0.1 kg
Input/Output voltage 5V-24VDC
DC connector 2,1/5,5mm load6A, total 72W at 12V
Input/output connections DC connectors 2,1 / 5,5
Transmission frequency 433.92MHzRange <20mDimensions
Receiver 35x15x4,5mm
Remote control 85x40x6mm
Operating temperature -20 to 60˚C
Last setting memory yes