Remote control to LED luminaires under button switch

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Kategorie: Accessories
Transmission frequency: 2,4GHz
Remote control power: battery CR2032
Range up to: 30m
Number of zones: 1 separate
Number of receivers: unlimited
Last settings memory: yes
Dimensions (w x h x d): 50x50x12mm

Miniature LED driver - dimLED OV PV is a wireless radio frequency control system, one driver and several receivers. With one driver, one circuit can be controlled, which can consist of several receivers. These receivers are controlled as one section by linking to the remote control. This remote control model can be hidden, for example, under the switch and on the switch to plug it in. For the right function, it is necessary for it to be a push switch (a switch that returns to its original position when pressed). Control takes place with a button when you briefly press the button to turn on or off and or by holding on to set the intensity of the light.

Note: No direct receiver visibility required for the remote control.

Properties and benefits of the dimLED system:
Dimming is stable and reliable, remote control range ≤ 30m.
Dimming is in the range of 0- 100%, dimming is continuous and without blinking. When switched on, there will be a slow light, when switched off there will be a slow dark.