Receiver and dimmer


Receiver and dimmer to LED image light.

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Kategorie: Accessories
Hmotnost: 0.15 kg
Input voltage: 5-36V DC
Current load: 1x8A (12V 96W, 24V 192W)
Transmission frequency: 2,4GHz
Range up to: 30-100m
Number of receivers: up to 10pcs per receiver
Dimensions (w x h x d): 97 x 33 x 18mm
Last setting memory: yes

Radio frequency receiver and dimmer for LED products. The receiver may be hidden (behind a wall, plasterboard or in a cabinet). No direct visibility of the receiver to the controller is required.

Receiver and dimmer are mounted in LED luminaires in miniaturized version (see picture).

The receiver is compatible with all dimLED drivers.

The receiver has a terminal block for connecting a button that can be used to manually operate the receiver. It is thus possible to operate the receiver both remotely and manually, for example by means of a button.

To control multiple circuits, it is necessary to use one receiver per circuit.Up to 10 different dimLED drivers can be paired per receiver to operate from multiple locations.

In the event of an interruption and then reconnection of the power supply (for example, by interrupting the power supply), this receiver has an intensity setting memory (the light intensity returns to the last setting).